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One Stop Shop

We have created a one stop shop for the senior housing market that ranges from medical supplies to furniture to linens.


How it works


Find Your Product

Get using your Portal Login provided by your sales represetative, navigate to the portal and order your products


Order Processing

Once you place your order, you will get a confirmation email with your delivery date. If you have been set up for routine, monthly shipments, the confirmation email will give you that date. Have your products delivered to your doorstep.


Delivery Of Product

Product will then be delivered on your scheduled day. If within the logistical map, it will be by-hand from a Medical Supply Solutions staff member.


Quality. Family. Service.

Medical Supply Solutions prides itself on three core values: Quality, Family, and Service. Quality is not only about the products, but the manner in which our customers receive them. Family stands for the way we treat our customers, as only a family-owned company can. Service is the most important quality we have, from dedicated sales representatives to hand-delivery of products, we leave no box unchecked in our service. Click the button to find out more about your medical supplier.


Stay Tuned!

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